How it works

Formalising and mobilising the informal sector

Unemployment and poverty is prevalent in countries around the world.

Millions of blue collar, unemployed, semi-skilled men and women who are able, willing, and talented do not have the opportunity to find work.

There is an absolute need to create a formal job fulfilment process so that the under-privileged can find a job or at a minimum be given the hope of finding employment to prevent despair and feelings of abandonment.

What is sms2work

ENROLL sms2work formalizes and mobilizes the informal sector with job opportunities by adding the under-employed and unemployed to a database that makes them searchable by employers.

SKILL These potential employees are categorized in the database based upon skill and level of expertise.

SMS Employers will have the ability to anonymously broadcast messages, using a short code via SMS messaging system to create employment opportunities to specific employees based upon database selection criteria.

ROSTER Once employee(s) are selected, their work will be calendared so that other candidates in the resource pool can be selected for future SMS broadcast job opportunities.

PAY Employees will be compensated by payment methods that can include phone to phone, cash, or any sms2work approved e-commerce payment and money transfer system.

RATE After an employee's work is performed, employees will be rated by the employer in sms2work's website so that the employee can ultimately progress to the next higher colour coded salary band based upon the quality of his/her work.

REWARDS Both the employer and employee will then be recognized by a rewards program for participating in sms2work following the completion of the contracted work.

RESUME This will enable the employee to build his/her own resume by performing good work and ratings.